Adding Veil Fabric

Add more flutter and reflection to your fans by gluing on some sparkly fabric which will catch the light and emphasize your dance movements. Play with different types of fabric until you find one that catches the light in a way you like.

Cut a length of fabric that is slightly wider than your fans and up to a yard long.  If you're using heavy fabric you may want to trim this down later, or lightweight traditional silk can be left long for a really dramatic look.  

Cut the top of the fabric along the round edge of your fan leaving about 1-2 inches of overlap.  If your fabric is directional (i.e. one side is sparkly and the other is not), make sure the sparkles are facing DOWN when you're gluing.  It seems backwards, but you want the sparkly side facing inwards to catch the light from the edge of the fan.  

Glue the fabric to the acrylic with E6000 glue.  You can also use more Devcon Silicone glue to get it tight close to the edge.  E6000 is amazing, but NOTHING sticks to silicone or silicone adhesive, except more of same.

If you want, shape the bottom of the veils to something fluttery or swoopy or geometric or silly, or leave them square for a more traditional look.  I made mine look a bit like fluttery flames.

Add some hot glue underneath the on/off switch to secure it in place, then hot glue the enclosure lid on -- you don't want this flying off while you're performing!

You can add or modify code and also charge the battery via the handily accessible USB port.  Once the lid is glued down you can't reach the Pro Trinket's reset button, but it'll go into bootloader mode whenever you first plug it in to your computer (as long as the battery switch is turned off).  

Add a million modes and go crazy!  

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