DotStars are super fast clocking pixels that achieve a persistence-of-vision look with moving LED patterns.  This project uses DotStars and the FastLED code library to create stardust magic.

Swing your dance fans slowly to mesmerise your audience with the sparkly, pretty lights. Swing them fast, and magical patterns and pictures appear.  Look closely and you may see the spiders from Mars or the cats from Japan.  

Three modes are included in the code, and you can easily add your own or modify the existing ones.

Let all the children boogie. 

Materials For Building Two Fans

2 x Pro Trinket 5v
Pro Trinket 5v
2 x LiPoly Backpack Charger
Pro Trinket LiPoly Backpack Add-on
2 x DotStar LEDs
1 m DotStar 60 Per Meter LEDs
2 x On/Off Switch
Tactile On/Off Switch with Leads
2 x Mode Switch Button
6mm Tactile Momentary Switch
2 x Battery
500 mAh LiPoly Battery

Crafty Stuff:

Tools & Misc

  • Soldering iron & solder
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Hot glue gun
  • 26awg wire in assorted colors
  • 3D printer (optional)
  • Band saw or multi tool with a cutting attachment

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