After powering up the remote and connecting it to your computer via BLE, open your favorite streaming app (Netflix, YouTube, etc). You'll be able to control the following parameters:

  • Full screen: Up Button
  • Skip ahead: Right Button
  • Rewind: Left Button
  • Mute audio: Down Button
  • Increase volume: Scroll forward
  • Decrease volume: Scroll backward
  • Play/pause: Center button

To switch to Doom mode, flip the switch on the side of the controller. You can access classic Doom on the Internet Archive.

In Doom mode, you'll be able to control the following parameters:

  • Move forward: Up button
  • Move right: Right button
  • Move left: Left button
  • Move backward: Down button
  • Strafe right: Scroll forward
  • Strafe left: Scroll background
  • Fire: Center button (short press)
  • Use/open: Center button (long press)

Going Further

You can switch modes as often as you like. You could also change the keyboard shortcuts in the CircuitPython code for other apps or games. 

If you'd like to test the keyboard inputs, you can use this keyboard event viewer in your browser.

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