A keyboard and a mouse are great tools for navigating your computer, but they require you to stay near your computer. In this project, you can build a wireless BLE controller with common shortcuts programmed for controlling your streaming apps and yes it can even play Doom!

The rotary encoder / scroll wheel controller is housed in a 3D printed case. The case has holes at the top so that it can be used as a pendant. This way, you won't lose it, you can access it quickly and you can show off your fashion sense by showcasing the aesthetically pleasing ANO Directional Navigation and Scroll Wheel Rotary Encoder.

The brain of the project is a Feather nRF52840 running CircuitPython. This board has BLE so you can connect to your computer wirelessly.

The control interface is an ANO Directional Navigation and Scroll Wheel Rotary Encoder. This lets you have a lot of interface options in a small and ergonomic footprint.

There are two switches in the circuit. The switch on the bottom is an on/off switch. The switch on the side is a mode switch to select between streaming mode or Doom mode. Each mode has different keyboard shortcuts that are assigned to the rotary encoder's buttons and scroll wheel.

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