Step 1

Connect the power supply and test the Bluefruit to be sure it pairs.

Step 2

Prepare vinyl top. As shown in previous illustrations the redundant portions are cut from an old dance pad. This could be substituted with an plus shaped cut out of vinyl or other sheet material with similar qualities. Duct tape could make a sheet like this given some level of desperation. In this affordable case the vinyl also double as 4 hinges to the portable box conversion.

Step 3

If still untouched, solder the headers on the Bluefruit and bread board it on to the power supply. Alternatively solder needed wire directly. This project used less than 6' of CAT 3, which is a 4 strained solid core wire. Whatever is on hand will work. Cut into two 3' pieces gives 8 lines. 4 for ground and 4 for the pins. Needless to say, keep track on the wire colors. The 4 ground wires are common, they can be soldered into one wire at one end and connected to one of the grounds on the Bluefruit. Both of the wires can be fished trough the sign board cells in the bottom "up" pad. This brings the wires to the middle of the four button pads.

Step 4

Glue sheets of aluminum foil to sign board squares. Be sure to center and abut the best edge of the foil to one side. This side will face the inside of the pad. Where connections will be made to the foil.

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