Mounting Pi Cam

Start by adding a piece of tape to the back of the camera's PCB, to prevent any shorts. Use a short ribbon cable and flip it over to the back of the Pi, covering the ethernet port.

Position the camera with the camera hole in the pitouch-cover.stl part. Align it up so the nubs snap into the left and right mounting holes of the pi cam. Press fit the cover into the pitouch-top part.

Position the pitouch-top part over the Raspberry Pi and angle it down so the SD card slot slips into the proper opening of the pitouch part.

Note: The camera in the photo is plugged into the incorrect port.

Adding Lenses

Snap the pitouch-camring part into the camera hole of the pitouch-top part. Insert a 12mm split ring into the pitouch-camring. The photojojo lens use magnets for mount and connects to the split ring.

Mounting the Raspberry Pi and Touch Screen

With the camera and pi mounted to the pitouch-top part, flip the the body and place the pitouch-bottom part over the touch screen. Press the pitouch-bottom part down snapping the parts together.

Adding Side Bands and Tripod Mount

You can optionally add a tripod mount and grippy bumpers. The Tripod mount can be attached to the bottom of the camera body with 4 small screws. Align up the holes and add screws. Add a standard tripod nut to the bottom of the tripod for attaching to other tripod mounts.

Upload, Share and Make

Plug in power to the micro-USB port and photos to your hearts content! If you do make one, please be sure to snap a picture of your creation and click the "I Made One" button to our thingiverse design so we can feature it on our blog!

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