Start by removing the nose guard piece from the Video Glasses. Use a small screwdriver to remove the tiny screw.
Carefully pop off the shaded lenses from the Video Glasses.
Behind the lens, you'll see tiny screws, remove these. WIth the screws removed, the frame should be able to come off.

Gently pry open the enclosure and separate the two halves using a flat-head screwdriver.

Use a pair of flat pliers to remove the PCB from the enclosure.
Remove the two video display screens from the enclosure.
Unscrew the two eye pieces with the eye covers held to the magnify lenses.

Carefully detach the second display from the PCB and store it away to serve as a back-up in case something happens to the first one!

You should have the one video display, the kopin video processing circuit and the power circuit with the USB port and two audio input jacks.

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