These power distribution busses are convenient because we can mount them directly to the top of the rails keeping them out of the way. To be extra certain, use a black and red sharpie to clearly indicate which is power and which is ground.
Screw all the 5V lines into the red bus and Ground lines to the black bus. Also, use an ATX molex plug for power input. You may have to strip and twist the ends in order to get them to fit. In total there should be 6 of 7 terminal spots used:

  • 4 pairs powering the panels
  • 1 pair powering the receiver
  • 1 pair as ATX power input

Place the slim T-nuts into the extrusion as shown and use M4 screws to mount the busses on the rail.

Double check for any bare wires - be extra careful not to short anything.
Before we seal it up we'll verify that all the hardware is working properly in the next step.

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