The receiver card will be mounted to the aluminum frame using slim T-nuts & 10mm M4 screws. I laser cut a plate for for stability and insulation. If you don't have access to a laser cutter, you could get away with using spacers, but I wouldn't recommend it as it can be flimsy.
This step requires boring out larger mounting holes on the receiver card to fit the M4 screws. Proceed carefully!!! We cannot be responsible if you break it!
To fit the M4 screws, use a drill to bore larger holes into the left and right center screw holes.

Gradually increase the size of the bit until the screw will fit through. I used a 9/64 bit. Very slowly run the drill through the middle two mounting holes.
Leave the slim T-nut so it is just barely on the tip of the screw. You have to mount it this way because it is such a tight squeeze and would be very difficult to slide & align the nut in the extrusion's rail.
Mount the receiver card assembly so the ethernet jacks are pointing towards the bottom of the cube. The T-nuts should fit in the grooves. Tighten the screws to lock it in.

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