Back of the 32x32 RGB LED panel, frame intact.
In order to get each panel connected and flush at right angles, some modifications need to be made to the rear plastic frame. If you look closely at the front of the panel you'll see tiny phillips screws that are holding it together. Carefully remove the ones that are holding the back frame on (indicated in the picture). Leave the others - they are to hold the front screen to the circuit board.

You'll need to remove the frame on 4 of 6 panels. Save them though, they'll be used again in the next step. Also make sure to hold on to the screws.
Mark two of the frames along each of the red lines in the picture below.
Using a vice to hold it steady, cut the frame at each mark with a hacksaw.

You only need to cut 2 of the 4 frames, but keep the extras as a backup.
You'll wind up with 5 pieces, but you can recycle the left and right-most pieces form the picture below, they will not be used.
Place the newly cut pieces of frame on the back as shown. Even though they aren't all placed where they used to be, the screw holes will line up. Screw them in and repeat this for one more panel.
The completed cube will consist of 2 of these modified panels, 2 normal panels, and 2 with the frames completely removed.
To hold the cube together, we'll be building an aluminum extrusion frame around the inside perimeter.

A 4-40 1/2" zinc screw, oval T-nut and 1/16" nylon spacer provides just enough room for the extrusion to slide on nice and snug. I didn't have any 1/16" on hand so I cut down a 3/16" nylon spacer using diagonal cutters.

Prepare 8 of these.
Both modified panels get one screw, and the other 2 untouched ones get three screws down the center.
When all panels are prepared it will look like this. These 4 will make up the horizontal sides. The top and bottom 'frameless' panels are not pictured. They will be attached last.

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