3D Printed Parts
There are 10 pieces to the ray gun. This is a great print if you're really ambitious about 3D Printing. The raygun-neck.stl, raygun-handle-top.stl, and raygun-handle-btm.stl parts require support material to print properly.

Once you have them all printed out, test fit them to see if the tolerance allow for a snap fit. If things are too tight, you can always try sanding down areas to allow assembly. Below is a list of parts that fit to one another.

  • raygun-cap.stl > raygun-body.stl
  • raygun-neck.stl > raygun-body.stl
  • raygun-cone.stl > raygun-neck.stl
  • raygun-sensor.stl > raygun-cone.stl
  • raygun-ring.stl > raygun-cone.stl
  • raygun-handle-top.stl > raygun-handle-btm.stl
  • raygun-handle-lid.stl > raygun-handle-top.stl
  • raygun-handle-top.stl + raygun-handle-btm.stl > raygun-body.stl
  • raygun-diffuser.stl > raygun-ring.stl
The temperature sensor is inserted into the raygun-sensor.stl part with the orientation aligning up with the slit opening for the sensors nub. Use a long thin screw driver to gently press against the sensor, securing into place.
The micro-controller snaps to the inside of the raygun-cap.stl with the USB port facing the large opening for reprogramming without disassembly. The slide switch adapter tightly fits into the opening of the raygun-cap.stl, just above the GEMMA.
NeoPixel Ring
The wiring needs to be long enough to run from the raygun-cap.stl to the raygun-body.stl, strung through the raygun-neck.stl and strung through the small hole of the raygun-ring.stl. The wiring should be exposed on the raygun-cone.stl part.
Assembling the Handle
The raygun-handle-top.stl and raygun-handle-btm.stl pieces snap fit together. Both parts have 2mm holes for small screws that will mount the two parts to the raygun-body.stl
3X AAA Battery Holder
The two handle parts and the raygun-body.stl have a large hole, this allows the battery JST wire to run through the parts and is connected to the slide switch adapter that is mounted to the raygun-cap.stl. The raygun-handle-lid.stl part is secured to the raygun-handle-top.stl with 2 small screws.
Ray Gun
The fully assembled model is a challenging project but definitely reproducible. Each piece is hollow and optimized for sturdiness.

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