3D Printed Parts
The GEMMA is housed in the flir-handle-btm.stl with the USB port facing the bottom. This allows you to easily reprogram the GEMMA without having to disassemble the handle.

The 3X AAA Battery holder fits in the large space just above the GEMMA. You may need to secure it into place with double sided foam tape or any other plastic-friendly adhesive.

The slide switch adapter is held in place between the two handle pieces. The opening is located in the upper back of the handle parts.

The MLX90614 temperature sensor is housed in the upper front of the handle and also held in place by the two handle parts.
The 24x NeoPixel Ring is placed inside the flir-handle-light.stl with the wires feeding through the hole. The three wires are strung through the opening of the hinge in the flir-handle-btm.stl and flir-handle-top.stl. A third helping hand will help keep the components stationary while you solder.
The flir-handle-btm.stl and flir-handle-top.stl parts snap together. Before closing them shut, ensure the three wires to the NeoPixel ring are strung through the opening near the top hinge. Be careful not to kink the wires. The flir-handle-light.stl snaps to the joined handle piece. To secure this piece to the handle, insert a piece of a paper clip into the hole located in the middle of the hinge where they meet.

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