In this project, we’re resin casting keycaps for Mechanical Keyboards like the Adafruit MacroPad!

Resin casting keycaps is a really fun way to level up your keyboard making skills.

We experiment with adding colored pigments, glitter, even some components like resistors and googly eyes.


You can make your own set of keycaps with these silicone molds and UV-curable resin.

To keep it simple, all you really need is the keycap molds, some UV resin and a UV lamp for curing.

We designed and 3D printed our own mini UV lamp a while back which is just the right size for these silicone molds.

Check out the files and tutorial to make your own UV Lamp below.




Top view of Ctrl keycap mold pieces.
If you love to customize, why not level up your DIY keeb-makin' skills and craft your own set of bespoke 'caps with this keycap mold that has three "1U R1" (e.g....
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Angled shot of round purple disc of fluorescent paint.
We're with the squad back at New York's hottest cyberpunk club, Near Field Commune(ication), and it's still...
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Top shot of 12 pack Red Kailh Mechanical Key Switches
For crafting your very own custom keyboard, these Kailh Red Linear mechanical key switches are deeee-luxe! With smooth actuation and Cherry MX compatibility,...
In Stock
Angled shot of MacroPad
Strap yourself in, we're launching in T-minus 10 seconds...Destination? A new Class M planet called MACROPAD! M here, stands for Microcontroller because this 3x4 keyboard...
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Top view of MacroPad add on pack
Dress up your Adafruit Macropad with PaintYourDragon's fabulous decorative silkscreen enclosure and hardware kit. You get the two custom PCBs that are cut to act as a protective...
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Top view video of a Black woman's hands pressing the key switches on to emit rainbow colors from the NeoPixels.
For folks who want ready-to-go keeb action, we've got the lovely Adafruit Macropad with a 3x4 grid of MX+NeoPixel key switches -...
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