Bring joy to a child's heart by customizing thier doll to look just like them. 

For this project, we wanted to avoid cutting any actual limbs and instead, completely replace them with entirely 3D printed ones. We 3D modeled the limbs inside of Autodesk Fusion 360, so it’s easy to modify the design based on the type of amputee. We then 3D printed the design on our desktop 3D printers, but these could easily be sent to a 3d printing service.

The tolerances for the sockets closely match the original limbs to the can hold poses to allow the doll to stand up or hold accessories.

Allowing a child to model and design their own doll can also help them realizing they can shape their own future.


You can send the files to a 3D Printing service, but owning a 3D printer will make this project much more easier.

Tools and Supplies

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