Open up a new design in Fusion 360.

  • Right click on your legs design on the left side of the screen.
  • Select "Insert into current design".
  • Repeat 3X until you have four legs.

Now let's add the connectors.

  • Insert two of the shorter connectors into the design.
  • Insert one of the long connectors, then rotate it 90 degrees in the X direction.
  • Repeat for the second long connector.
  • Next, choose the "top" view.
  • Drag each component into place.
  • Then choose "front" and adjust the pieces.

Now we'll add the wheels and can.

  • Insert a wheel into the design.
  • Rotate and move the part until it rests on top a leg.
  • Repeat for the other three wheels.
  • It's ok if the wheels don't fit perfectly over the legs, the actual caster wheels are a bit smaller and will fit.
  • Insert the can into the design.
  • Move can until it rests on top of wheels.

And that's it! Our virtual design is compete and we have all we need to get building!

If you want to a nice rendering of the design:

  • Go to "Render" workspace
  • Drag whatever last minute textures you want on the parts of the design.
  • Zoom and pan until you get the right size and angle you want.
  • Change the environment to "field" in "scene settings" to get a brighter effect with the render.
  • Click the play button at the top of the screen.
  • The program will render the image for you. The longer you wait the higher quality the rendering.
  • Once satisfied with the rendering, you can save the image to a folder.


Our gorgeous rendering:

Now it's time to get building!

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