To get the designs for the wheels and compost can, rather than designing them ourselves, we can pull existing designs from Thingiverse which saves us lots of time!


Caster Wheels

Caster wheel design by ShuttleSpace on Thingiverse

Thingiverse user "ShuttleSpace" has an awesome design for the rigid caster wheels we will be using. Find a link to that file here.

After downloading and opening up the zip file, go to Fusion 360, click the "upload" button, select the .slt file entitled "MO-WL-002-0001-3-1.stl" from the "files" folder in the zip you just downloaded.

Now you have the 3D file of the wheel in Fusion 360!

Let's add a steel finish to the wheels.


Compost Can

Can design by CBiker on Thingiverse

Thingiverse user CBiker has a great trash can design on Thingiverse that closely resembles the compost can I use. Find a link to that here.

Bring the design into Fusion 360 like we did above.

Let's add a steel finish to the can as well.

Now that we have all our virtual parts, it's time to assemble the tumbler!

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