In this tutorial we will be getting down and dirty by chopping up some wood and installing some wheels to make a cheap, simple and efficient compost tumbler

For those that compost "aerobically", a tumbler is a great way to "aerate" your compost without having to physically turn the compost itself.

The tumbler works with most compost barrels or trash cans and can easily be integrated into your current compost set up. If you don't have a can or barrel to compost in and are looking to find one inexpensively, check with a local car wash business to see if they have any extra empty soap barrels you could wash out and use. Old trash cans work great too.

This project will be pretty cheap and quick for those with access to a drill and shop space. Those with out access can consider looking up a local fab lab that would have these resources.

Project Parts


2 x 8' Piece of 2X4 Wood
16 total feet of 2X4 wood of any type.
4 x Rigid Caster Wheels
Single direction caster wheels for rotating compost can or barrel
16 x Size 14 x 1" screws
Screws to hold wheels in place
16 x 3/8" x 1.5" Dowel Pins
Dowel pins for connecting pieces of wood


1 x Drill
To drill holes for dowels
1 x Dowel Jig Kit
Jig for connecting pieces of wood. Comes with 3/8" drill bit we'll need
1 x 3/8" Drill Bit
Drill bit needed for dowels. Comes in the above dowel jig kit
1 x Ruler
Measure parts

So a tumbler sounds cool and all, but why do we even want to compost in the first place?


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