Wire Perma-Proto PCB ground to Bluefruit EZ-Key ground

Next up, we're going to wire up a main ground connection from Perma-Proto to the Bluefruit EZ-Key. Secure the Perma-Proto to Panavise jr. Secure the Bluefruit EZ-Key to one of the grabbers on the helping third hands.

Measure up a wire to about 5cm, long enough to connect both components together. This wire will go into one of the available ground pins on the Perma-Proto.

Wire Buttons to EZ-Key Inputs

Now we need to wire each button from the Perma-Proto to the input pins on the Bluefruit EZ-Key.

Measure and cut wires for the button inputs. These wires can be 5cm long. You'll need to do the same song and dance - strip both ends, apply solder to tin the tips. Apply solder to the pin and then insert the wire while solder is molten. You'll need to do this for all 8 buttons. Double check each pin and wire connection before soldering. You should be constaintly checking the back and front of the PCB, making sure you're soldering the correct pin.

Wired Buttons to Bluefruit EZ-Key

And now we have the button inputs wired to the Bluefruit EZ-Key, yay! You'll want to, yet again, double check your connections to ensure everything is right.

Wire BlueTooth Pair button to EZ-Key

We'll need an extra 6mm tactile button to serve as the bluetooth pair button. This will help you pair the Bluefruit EZ-Key to different devices. You'll need to measure and cut two piecess of 30AWG silicone-coated stranded wire. Apply heat shrink tubing to the exposed terminals to insulate the connections.

The two wires will need to connect to the 3V and BT labeled pins on the Bluefruit EZ-Key.

Soldered Inputs to Bluefruit EZ-Key

And now we have a complete circuit! 

Heat Shrink Input Wires

Let's go ahead and make the wiring from the button inputs a bit more organized. Cut a piece of heat shrink tubing and split it down the middle. Bundle up all of the input wires and wrap the piece of heat shrink around the wires. Apply a bit of heat to seal the heat shrink tubing.

Now we can mount the components to the enclosure!

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