Prep Slide Switch Wires

Start off by prepairing the wiring for the slide switch. You'll need to measure two pieces of 30AWG silicone-coated stranded wires to about 10cm long. Strip both ends of the wires and apply solder to 'tin' the tips - This helps prevent the stranded wires from coming apart. 

Solder Wires to Slide switch

Secure the slide switch to a Panavise Jr. Secure one wire to the little grabber on the helping third hands with the end of the wire overlapping a terminal on the slide switch. With the wire and switch secured in place, apply solder to join them together. Lightly tug the wire and inspect for a good connection. Repeat this process for the next wire. Add pieces of heat shrink tubing to insultate the exposed connection.

Add heat shrink tubing to the teeth of the Third Hand grabbers to safely secure wires. This helps prevent kinks in the wires and scratches from components.

500mAh Charging Rate

You'll want to up the charging rate on the Micro Lipo charger. To make it safe for all our batteries, we set the default rate to 100mA. You can easy up the charge rate to 500mA by connecting the solder jumper . This will allow the 500mAh lithium polymer battery to charge faster. Melt some solder onto the jumper to close it and set the new charge rate.

Wire Slide Switch to Lipo Charger & Bluefruit EZ-Key

Secure the micro lipo charger PCB to panavise Jr. Apply solder to the BAT and GND pins. Now solder one of the wires from the slide switch to the BAT pin by heating up the pin and inserting the wire while the solder is hot and molten. Repeace this process for the VIN pin on the Bluefruit EZ-Key.

Prep Ground Wire

We'll need a wire to connect ground to the Micro Lipo charger. Measure and cut a piece of 30AWG silicone-coated stranded wire to about 5cm long. Strip and tin both ends of the wire.

Wire Ground to Micro USB Lipo Charger

Secure the lipo charger PCB to the Panavise jr. Solder the ground wire into the GND pin. Double check connection by tugging on the wire, ensuring a solid connection. Remove from Panavise jr. when complete.

Wire Ground to Bluefruit EZ-Key

Secure the Bluefruit EZ-Key to the Panavise jr. Apply solder to the G pin and insert the remaining end of the ground wire while the solder is moltent. Double check connection is solid. Remove from Panavise jr. when complete.

Wired Power Circuit

Double check your work. The power circuit is now complete! Next step is to plug in the JST cable from the lithium polymer to the lipo charger.

Test Power Circuit

Plug in the JST cable from the 500mAh battery to the JST port on the lipo charger. The slide switch will power on the circuit when the switch is set to the farthest terminal with the wire connection. If the LED lights on the Bluefruit EZ-Key, everything is good!

If the LED doesn't power on, double check your wiring. The battery may be drained, so check that too!

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