Prep Perma-Proto Half-size PCB

In this project, we're using the half-size perma-proto PCB. We'll add the buttons with the PCB oriented with the labels right-side up.  

Install tactile buttons

Add 6mm buttons to the Perma-Proto by inserting them into place with the terminals going into the through-holes.

If the terminals don't insert all the way, try bending them slightly until they fit into place.

Ensure the oriention of the buttons are correct - terminals should be pointing up/down as opposed to left/right. Polarity will matter once the ground and inputs are wired.

Two 12mm buttons go on the far right, acting as the "A" and "B" buttons.

Installed buttons

Double check your buttons are properly oriented and exactly in the right spot! You can follow the photo and circuit diagram to cross reference the button placement.

Solder buttons to Perma-Proto

Once the buttons are installed, you'll need to solder them in place. Secure the Perma-Proto PCB to a Panavise Jr. and apply solder to the button terminals.

Saw bottom corners from Perma-Proto PCB

Next up, we'll need to remove the bottom left and right corners from the Perma-Proto PCB. I recommend using a rotary power tool like a DREMEL. You're going to need to do this in a well ventilated area. You're also going to need to wear safety glasses. I recommend using a 'thin cut' attachment.

Trimmed Perma-Proto PCB

You're going to want to trim off the power+ground rails from pins 1-2 and 29-30. We won't be using these in this project, so it's OK to remove them. 

Don't skip this step, its actually very important - The removal of the two corners is necessary for the PCB to fit into the enclosure.

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