Source Code

You can browse the source code on the GitHub repository here

Click the button below to just download the whole thing in a zip file. Uncompress and be sure to change the name of the folder to Mini_LED_Gamer after download.

The code for this project doesn't use any external libraries. Instead of using Wire.h to talk to the HT16K33 chip on the LED Matrix Backpack, it uses the i2c.h for the I2C interface.

The reason is that a timer interrupt is used to both refresh the LED matrix and read the state of all the buttons at approximately 50Hz. However, Wire.h uses the timer interrupt for the I2C interface, and you can't have two timer interrupts running inside of each other. The i2c.h does not use any timer interrupt, thus avoiding the conflict. 

It's a little more advanced but works well!

HT16K33.cpp is similar to the Adafruit_LEDBackpack library, but it works with i2c.h instead of Wire.h, and it not only drives the LED matrix but also checks the state of the pushbuttons.

Tetris.cpp, Snake.cpp, and Paint.cpp are each responsible for an individual program that runs on the Tiny Tetris.

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