The TFT Gizmo can be attached to the Circuit Playground (either Express or Bluefruit versions). For this particular project, we're using the Bluefruit version. This allows for image transfer from a mobile device via Bluetooth. Use a 350mAh battery with short cable to make it portable.

Install Battery

Place the battery in between the standoffs with the battery cable facing the audio connector (opposite side of the 12 o'clock label).

Install Circuit Playground Bluefruit

Place the Circuit Playground Bluefruit over the standoffs with the USB port lined up with the 12 o'clock label. Install the included screws to the pads on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit. This particular project only needs 10 of the 12 screws installed. Reference the photo for correct placement. 

Install Mount

Fit the CPB and TFT Gizmo inside the 3D printed mount. Press the mounting tabs into the pads so the PCB sits flush.

Battery Connection

The battery can be plugged directly into the JST port on the CPB to make it portable. The battery cable is just long enough (25mm / 1in) to reach. It can be pulled out to cut power from the TFT Gizmo and CPB. The cable can also be tucked under the notch on the edge of the mount.

Install Top

The top half of the 3D printed ornament is placed over the TFT Gizmo. Line up the hook loop with the USB port on the CPB. Fit the snaps of the top half with match one on the mount. Press the two halves together to snap them them. Start with one side first and work your way to all three.

Installed Top

The top half features open top and bottoms to allow for a modular design. The front cover can be easily swapped for a different color or updated design. 

Install Cover

Place the top cover over the display. Orient the cover so it's lined up correctly with the screen. Press the edges to snap fit them together. Start with one side and work your way through all four.

USB Port

The USB port on the CPX is accessible for programming. The 3d printed mount features a notch to accommodate USB cables.

TFT Gizmo Ornament

With your ornament setup, it's now ready for a festive celebration! 

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