Install Latest Circuit Python

We'll need to get our board setup so we can run the project's CircuitPython code. Let's walk through these steps to get the latest version of CircuitPython onto your board. 

Setup Circuit Playground Bluefruit / Express

Choose whether you'd like to use the Bluefruit or Express version of Circuit Playground. Ensure you have CircuitPython loaded per the linked instructions below. The main difference is the Bluefruit version features Bluetooth connectivity.

This project needs version 5.0.0-beta.0 or higher.

BLE Image Transfer with TFT Gizmo

Using the Circuit Playground Bluefruit and TFT Gizmo, you can wirelessly beam images from a mobile device. This is great if you're looking to easily change the images on the TFT Gizmo. Follow the learn guide linked below to get the UF2 file. Walk through the learn guide if you're new to installing UF2 files onto the board. 

Display Bitmap Images on E-ink Gizmo

Using the Circuit Playground Express/Bluefruit and E-ink Gizmo, you can display tri-color bitmap images. This is great for display artwork and graphics with text. The benefit of an E-ink display over a TFT LCD is the image will stay present without a power source!

Tri-Color Demo Bitmaps

We put together these festive bitmap images for you. Click the image to launch the asset page and download the original image to obtain the bitmap.

Follow the learn guide linked below and walk through the guide to get bitmap images loaded onto the E-ink Gizmo.

Circuit Playground Ornaments

The Circuit Playground Express and Bluefruit feature 10 super-bright NeoPixel RGB LEDs. These can be animated or any color. Using the Circuit Playground Bluefruit and Bluefruit LE connect app , you can easily change the colors using the color picker.

NeoPixel Christmas Tree Animations

If you'd like to use the Circuit Playground Express, try using the code from our Circuit Playground Christmas tree project linked below.

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