Slide Switch JST Adapter

A slide switch will allow the power to be turned on and off. The switch is wired in-line with a JST extension cable. For a detailed tutorial on wiring a slide switch JST adapter, check out our guide.

Connecting The CP Bluefruit to the Switch

Connect the female JST connector from the slide switch to the battery port on the CPB. Plug in the male JST connector from the switch to the battery cable. Use the slide switch to turn toggle the power from the battery on and off. Once tested, unplug the CPB and set it aside for now.

Install Switch

Fit the slide switch into the holder on the inside of the bottom half. Insert the body of the switch at an angle and press down to fit into place.

Installed Switch

The slide switch is accessible through the side of the bottom half. It features a flat surface to more easily turn the switch on and off.

Install Battery

Place the battery into the bottom half with the battery cable fitted inside. Arrange the battery and cable so it's full inside the bottom in a stationary position.

Connect CPB

Grab the CPB and connect the JST cable from the switch. 

Install Top Half

Fit the CPB through the top half of the 3d printed ornament.

Snap Fit CPB

Orient the CPB so the USB port is lined up with the hook loop on the top half. Press to snap fit the CPB into the top half of the ornament.

Snap Fit Case

Fit the top half over the bottom half. Press halves together to snap fit shut. Start with one set of snaps and work your way through all four.

Installed Top Half

The top half of the ornament features a thread for screwing a cover on top. This allows for multiple cover designs so it's easy to swap them out.

USB Port

The USB port from the CPB is accessible through the opening on the side of the ornament. The hole is large enough to fit even the most chunkiest of USB cables.

Install Cover

Twist the cover inside the top half of the ornament and fasten tightly. Remember, righty tighty, lefty loosey. 


Flip the switch to turn on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit. Your ornament is now ready for adoring and celebrating.

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