Holiday Ornament with Displays

3D print your own ornaments with a display! Use the TFT Gizmo or E-ink Gizmo to display custom images with the Circuit Playground Bluefruit. The 3D printed ornament is designed to snap fit together for an easy assembly!

TFT Gizmo Ornament

The TFT Gizmo features an IPS 240x240 hi-res full color display that is perfect for displaying family photos, text and graphics. With the Circuit Playground Bluefruit, you can wirelessly send images from a mobile device using the Bluefruit LE Connect app for iOS and Android. 

E-Ink Gizmo Ornament

The E-ink Gizmo features a tri-color e-ink/e-paper display. This is great for displaying images and graphics without a battery! Perfect for adorning your festive decor without having to worry about the a dead battery. With CircuitPython, you can easily display bitmap images on the crisp tri-color e-ink/e-paper display.

Circuit Playground Ornaments

The Circuit Playground Express and Bluefruit feature 10 NeoPixel RGB LEDs for lighting up 3D printed ornaments. With interchangeable covers, you can easily swap out the top for a different graphic. You can even add a photo to create a lithophane images.


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