Attach M2.5 standoffs to the SCD-40 STEMMA board.

Mount the SCD-40 to the top lid of the case using four M2.5 screws.

Mount the FeatherWing Doubler to the bottom lid of the case using M2.5 standoffs and screws.

Plug the LiPoly battery into the Feather RP2040. Then, plug the Feather RP2040 into the FeatherWing Doubler, securing the LiPoly battery underneath the Feather RP2040.

Plug the Adalogger FeatherWing into the FeatherWing Doubler.

Snap the bottom lid of the case into the main box. Secure the on/off switch into the cutout on the side. Make sure that the Feather RP2040's USB port is facing the case's USB-C cutout. 

Connect the SCD-40 and Feather RP2040 with a STEMMA QT cable.

Snap the top lid onto the case to enclose the CO2 Data Logger.

This guide was first published on Oct 27, 2021. It was last updated on Jul 18, 2024.

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