All our LED strips are manufactured in 1/2 meter long sections, and these sections are then joined to produce strips up to 5 meters long. For other lengths, you can normally cut the flex strip between each pair of LEDs…but if this coincides with one of those 1/2 meter joins, you must instead pull apart the soldered sections. It’s not terribly hard, but worth documenting!

For this, we use the wide flat tip on our METCAL iron. A wide tip isn’t required but it sure is handy!

Using an X-acto knife, cut two slices from the top on either side of the solder connection:

Then slice the rubber coating between the two cuts you made:

Pull off the thin rubber piece between the cuts:

Press the soldering iron against the four joints while pulling the two pieces apart:

Cut the remaining rubber underneath with scissors:

Thats it!

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