Find the 6-pin IDC cable and plug one end in. it should look like the following. with the cable coming out onto the right side and the red wire up top.
Now cut the other end just before the connector (I'm cutting it about 1" away but don't cut any more off than that!
Disconnect the cable from the board (now that its cut)

Separate the wires of the cable, you can use fingernails to start, or use the tips of the diagonal cutters to nip into the edges and then pull. Pull them so they are about 1" separated.
Strip the ends of each of the wires to remove the plastic coating.
Place the cable in a vise or holder like this third hand tool, and 'tin' the ends by melting solder into the wires while heating with the tip of your soldering iron until they are coated with solder.

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