Now we will do the other half of the power connection, the side that connects to the board.

Plug the matching shorter power cable into the longer one so they snap together (they can only go one way).

Now you'll want to trace the red power wire back through the connectors. We suggest using a multimeter to be sure. Put 4 AA's in the holder and turn it on. Then use a multimeter to measure the voltage between the cable wires. One way will be about -5V and the other will be +5V. When it's reading +5V the red handle is touching the positive wire. In this example, its the one on the right:
Turn off the power pack (or remove the batteries).

Cut the positive wire short by about 1"
Strip and tin the wire.
Thread the shorter positive wire into the top left hole and knot it. The longer negative wire goes through the opposite (bottom left) hole.
Pull the wires through so that you can push the negative wire into the GND pad all the way to the right.
The positive wire goes to the first 5V pad right next to the hole, all the way to the top left in the image above.

Turn the board over, and solder the ground wire.
…and the +5V wire.
Check your work before we finish up!

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