Connect the LED strip back to the microcontroller board, and place the batteries back into the pack.

Turn on the pack and wait a few seconds, you should see the LED pattern again!
Now we'll wrap it up by protecting the cable that goes to the end of the strip.

Cut the large piece of heat shrink so you have two ~2" pieces. Slide one piece of the large heatshrink onto the end of the LED strip.
Use a heat gun, hair drier or lighter to shrink it down.
While its warm (but not too hot, be careful!) wrap the cable tie around the end of the heatshrink.
Tighten it over the IDC cable, and cut the end.
You can then use the other piece of heatshrink on the other end of the belt, to protect it.

That's it! Now the project is done. You can keep the battery pack and microcontroller board in your pocket and wrap the belt around you.

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