We have a lot more details on the digital LED strip and how it works here so you may want to also read that stuff.

The most important part is that you'll be soldering to one end of the LED strip, and to make sure you are soldering to tbe INPUT end. To determine which is the input, check the writing on the flexible PCB. If it says CI DI then thats the (correct) input end. If it says CO DO then thats the (wrong) output. You can only connect to the input end so double check.

Tin the pads by carefully melting a little solder onto the pads.
We'll skip first wire, which is the red-striped one. Go to the wire next to that (#2), that wire will connect to the +5V pad. Carefully solder the tinned pad to the tinned wire.

The next two wires go in line to CI and DI.
The unused fifth (5th) wire gets skipped as well.

The sixth wire connects to GND.
Now you can trim the unused wires (the red one and the skipped 5th one).
You can now reconnect the cable. Click on the image to enlarge it and make sure your wiring matches!

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