Prepare Micro SD Card

We will be using Raspbian Jessie Lite, the version I use is September 2016. To find older releases we can go to

You may also want to try a more recent version if that's available and 9/28/2016 isnt working

Once that is done we need to setup the Pi Zero to be used as a ethernet gadget. This will allow us to program it from our computer when it is plugged in to the usb port. 

Follow the Ethernet Gadget and Ethernet Tweaks steps in the following guide. I did not need to do the fixed IP step.

To connect to the Raspberry Pi we will use SSH. If you are not familiar with using SSH to access the Raspberry Pi follow this guide and then come back to here

Now we can connect to the Raspberry Pi using SSH. The hostname we will be connecting to is raspberrypi.local

Now is also a good time to change the default password to something more secure. Enter passwd and follow the prompts.

Before moving to the next step we need to make sure we can connect to the internet. We will ping

ping -c 5

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