Once done with the profile, click OK or Apply and Cancel to get back to the main screen.

Select the new profile by name and click Connect

The Connect button will gray out and the Disconnect button will be clickable. On the very right hand side you'll see a green dot to tell you the connection is OK

If you are using SSL, you'll see a closed-lock as well


You can publish to a feed by clicking on the Publish button in the 'tab menu'

Next to the >> there's a text field. Enter your feed name there, it will be in the format username/feeds/feedname where username is your adafruit account name, and feedname is the actual feed name you have in your feedlist

Type some text or data or numbers or whatever into the big box below and then click the Publish button to the right of the feed name entry box


Subscribing to data feeds is pretty much the same, in the Subscribe tab, enter in the feed name in the username/feeds/feedname format and click Subscribe to the right of the feed entry box

Then on your dashboard you can make a change

And it will be received in the desktop

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