Once the software is installed, you'll need to configure it for adafruit.io

Start it up, this is the main window:

Click on the gear logo in the top middle area. It will take you to the config page.

  1. The Profile Name is just the name we'll call this connection set by. I used adafruit.io but use whatever you like
  2. The Broker Address must be io.adafruit.com - we don't recommend using an IP addres in case the server moves
  3. For the Broker Port use 1883 if you are not using SSL. For SSL connections, go with 8883 instead!
  4. Client ID needs to be a unique value - you can use your AIO key or go to http://www.danstools.com/md5-hash-generator/ and type in a bunch of text to generate a unique MD5 hash

Then there's a set of sub-tabs. For the General Tab. You can set whatever timeout/keep alive you want. We recommend keeping Clean Session and Default MQTT version selected.

In the next tab you actually put in your credentials. Use your adafruit.com account user name for User Name and then your Password is the long alphanumeric key in your AIO settings

SSL Connections

If you want to use SSL (and you should!) the next tab will let you set that up.

Select CA signed server certificate and for Protocol, try TLSv1.2

You'll also need to make sure the Broker Port above is 8883!

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