Fumey The Fume Extrator

Here’s how to turn a PC fan into a solder fume extractor using a 3D printed retainer. Use an activated carbon filter to catch that pesky solder smoke and eliminate the smell of fumes. This 12VDC desktop PC fan is already in a nice enclosure and it's doesn't take much space on your desk.

Air Clean Friendly

The air suction from the fan is pretty decent and allows you to work at a minimal distance. I find it catches most of the solder smoke which is great for working indoors with other people.

1 x Miniature Desktop Fan
12V Desktop Fan (145.0mm x 116.0mm x 43.0mm)
1 x Power Supply
9 VDC 1000mA regulated switching power adapter
Black spongy Carbon Filter
If you do a lot of soldering indoors, a Carbon Filter is essential for absorbing that solder smoke and leaving your air smelling fresh.These measure about...
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Person using fan to vent away solder smoke
This little desktop fan is simple but super handy. It's a ~12VDC fan in a nice enclosure, you can sit it on your desk and power it off...
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