The Datalogger extension allows you to write chosen data values to a file at specified time intervals.

This type of storage is great for sensor readings, error logging, etc. 

Below are the blocks available with the Datalogger Extension.

With the data logger set separator block at the bottom, you can select which keyboard character you want to use to separate data values: tab, comma, or semicolon. Different computer programs process files differently, so this choice is good.

Using commas to separate values is very often used, programmers have done this going back many years. Comma Separated Values (CSV) files, as they are called, are very common in data collection and many programs can read in files in this format.

CSV files are great - you can read them in plain text editors and all spreadsheets can read them to capture the data into a nifty spreadsheet. Just what we often want! So, let's find out how to use this capability.

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