This project demonstrates two techniques for making images on an oscilloscope using CircuitPython and the analogue output(s) found on many Adafruit boards.

The first is an unusual technique using the oscilloscope's trigger feature and normal x-axis timebase with a single digital to analogue converter (DAC) output on a Circuit Playground Express (CPX) board. A computer running Python with the imageio library is required to convert bitmaps into a suitable format for playback on the CPX board.

The second is the more common X-Y vector technique, using a PyGamer with its two DAC outputs.

Any SAMD21 (M0) or SAMD51 (M4) board can be used. No additional hardware is required beyond connections to the oscilloscope probes.

Thank-you to Nick for the loan of a Hameg HM203-6 oscilloscope.


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