Use hardware screws to secure the plate to the CYBERDECK.

Secure the standoffs to the plate using M2.5 x 6mm long screws. Insert a screw through the mounting hole and fasten a standoff onto the thread of the screw.

Place the CYBERDECK over the standoffs and insert an M2.5 x 6mm screw. Use a screwdriver to secure the CYBERDECK to the plate.

Install M2.5 screws and F-M standoffs onto the STEMMA QT breakout. Place the threads of the standoffs through the slot on the plate. Use hex nuts to secure the STEMMQ QT breakout to the plate.

Install the Pi TFT by lining up the headers and firmly pressing them together.

Use the STEMMA QT cable to connect the breakout to the CYBERDECK using the port on the side.

Plug in the CYBERDECK to the back of the Pi400.

Now your ready for HACKING!

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