Howdy keyboard cowboys, are you surfing the information superhighway with a Pi 400? Want a cool heads-up display, or maybe you need to wire up some NeoPixel wetware...?

Cyber-warriors, listen up here! We’ve got with some zero-day unreleased hardware we just dumpster-dived. Now you can crack kodes, and write skripts with style, thanks to the CYBERDECK HAT and Bonnet for Raspberry Pi 400 from Adafruit zaibatsu.

The CYBERDECK HAT fits full sized Raspberry Pi HAT sized add-ons and displays.

The CYBERDECK Bonnet fits smaller Raspberry Pi add-ons. Think Raspberry Pi Zero-sized and smaller boards and displays. Mini-HAT/pHATs. A lower profile board.

If you want the most flexibility, the CYBERDECK HAT fits most boards where full size boards would bump the keyboard on the Bonnet.

Well, we just fenced 12 megabytes of ram and some angled socket header from the underground hacker club next to the chatsubo, and it's a major upgrade to our extender board - now you can jack in any Pi bonnet or HAT into the back of your Pi 400's skull at a cool angle, perfect for augmenting your deck!

We also give you two STEMMA (JST 3-PH) connectors on GPIO #18 and #13, and twin STEMMA QT I2C port plugs, for additional upgrades (cables sold separately)

This is the same hardware Kevin Mitnick used when he popped Sidewinder! Ok, maybe not, but it will definitely let you create a stand-alone Kali deck by plugging in one of our many display Bonnets or HATs.

Comes completely pre-assembled and tested so you don't need to do anything but plug it in. Works best with the Pi 400 computer.

The demo images show the Bonnet with one of our 128x32 OLED bonnets plugged in. Any bonnet/mini-HAT/pHAT etc should work just fine with the Bonnet as every pin is duplicated from input to output.

This guide was first published on Mar 23, 2021. It was last updated on May 15, 2024.

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