Utility belt add-ons

It's easy to find or make pouches to attached to your utility belt for holding backup batteries, dog treats, and your essentials for the evening.

Missle dog backpack

Instead of Tank Girl's missle bra, I chose to put the graphically bold twin missles on my sidekick's backpack.

Save two 2L soda bottles and remove their labels.


Pour a small amount of white paint into each bottle and replace the cap.


Rotate and move the bottle to distribute the paint evenly inside each bottle.

Remove caps and allow painted bottles to dry upside down before replaceing the caps and drawing on the checkerboard pattern with a permanent marker.


Make simple paper fins and use packing tape to secure them to the missles.


Secure bottles to your sidekick's backpack with zipties and bungee cords.

Authentic dirt

Use fabric or t-shirt scraps to make bandages. Take them outside and rub them in the dirt, or open your window and wipe the fabric on the sill. Mmm, authentic grime!

Other grimey places to to rub your costume include metal shops, mud puddles, salt flats, and car tires.

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