Install PCB into Case

OK, now it's time to mount our Cherry MX PCB to the enclosure – It's in two pieces, so we'll insert the PCB to the bottom part. There's several standoffs with little nubs that will snap into the mounting holes on the PCB. You may need to insert the PCB at an angle to properly fit the PCB. Press the PCB down into the nubs from the standoffs fit into the mounting holes.

Mount Switch to Case

Insert the slide switch in the little holder on the bottom center of the enclosure. Insert it at an angle so the actuator pokes through the opening and press it down until the housing of the switch is secured to the holder.

Mount Battery to Case

I suggest using a piece of foam tape or mounting tack to secure the battery to the enclosure. There's an empty spot for the battery, right next to the slide switch.

Install Cover

Now we can place the cover over the circuit. The cut outs on the cover will line up with the Cherry MX switches.

Snap Case Close

The two piece enclosure is designed to snap fit together. The bottom case has a lip with a grove where the cover will grab onto. Press the to pieces together until they "click" into place.

Install Keycaps

Lastly, we can install a 3D print keycap (or regular keycap) into each of the Cherry MX switches. The 3D printed keycaps must be inserted correctly with the stem lined with the actuator.

Final Build

And now we have a custom gamepad with Cherry MX switches! Experiment with different keycaps. I used mine to play games, but you could use it to control various applications. 

Share You Creation!

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