Circuit Board Design

You can design a custom PCB for Cherry MX switches in Eagle CAD. I used the express version, which is free to download on the Cadsoft website.

Eagle CAD Tutorial

You can learn how to use eagle cad by watching my tutorial on YouTube. In the tutorial, I walk through the interface and design a custom PCB step by step. I used the Adafruit Library for Eagle to make an Adafruit Feather compatible board. I also used a Cherry MX Library for getting the footprint for the switches.


Here are some links to some other tutorial and eagle cad libraries I used to build this project.

CNC Milling a PCB

I used the Othermill Pro CNC machine make the board. FR-1 single sided material has a thin layer of copper which is ideal for making traces on PCBs. But If you don’t have a access to a CNC machine, you could use service like Oshpark to fabricate your design which actually produces much higher quality PCB. But the Othermill Pro makes nice prototypes in a fraction of the time.

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