Once the resin has thoroughly dried, we can mount the pin posts to the back of the piece.  I use butterfly clutch tie tack/pin backs of 8mm length.

Secure your piece using a small hobby vice. Place a small bead of tack flux on the spot you wish to mount your pin post.


While soldering, do not keep the iron pressed against the pin's copper surface for more than a few seconds. Too much heat can cause paint and resin on the front side of the pin to melt.

Place the post over the solder flux and press it flat to the pin's back.

Since this is a wearable item, it's a good idea to use use lead-free (ROHS compliant) solder.

Solder one point on the edge of the post's base to the copper - this will secure it in place while we solder the rest of the base.




Beginning on the opposite side of the post's base, solder the edge down by dragging the iron along the seam while simultaneously feeding solder wire into the iron's tip. Repeat this process to solder the remainder of the post's edge to the pin. 

I soldered an additional post to prevent the pin from rotating when worn.

Once your posts are securely soldered, allow the board to cool, then remove it from the vise. Remove any excess flux with alcohol and a small cotton swab.


Congratulations - your pin is ready to wear.  Take a moment to appreciate its originality, craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal - then wear it with pride.

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