The Cupcade cabinet is comprised of 16 laser-cut acrylic parts (15 in Gen 1 & 2 kits). Count the pieces to make sure everything’s there.

Depending on your game control layout and choice of Raspberry Pi board, two or three of these pieces won’t be used. This is normal.

Peel the backing paper off both sides of all the laser-cut parts. It’s easiest to start at a corner, catching the edge of the paper with a fingernail.

The laser-cutting process leaves a little paper soot at the edges. Wash off these parts with soap and water if you like, just be absolutely certain that all the parts are completely dry before assembling! That’s why we’re doing this first, to allow extra drying time.

Use only soap and water when cleaning these parts. Some chemicals, including rubbing alcohol and alcohol wipes, will damage the plastic!

The cabinet marquee has a Cupcade logo etched into it. Optionally, if you like this, you can make the design “pop” by scribbling over it with a marker and then buffing the surface with a tissue or paper towel. Do not do this with a permanent marker, unless you also have a dry-erase marker to follow up with (dry-erase markers remove “permanent” ink).

If you don’t like the logo or want to add your own, just flip this piece over when assembling the case later.

(This is a Gen 3 detail. The marquee in Gen 1 & 2 kits is blank on both sides.)

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