Installing ROMs

The Cupcade does not come with games installed. However its really easy to install any kind of Arcade ROM by dragging it onto the SD card that comes with the kit. We'll show here how to install some of the free, non-commercial ROMs available from

If you have other ROMs you'd like to play, just make sure they are "MAME roms" and not "NES roms" or "Sega roms". We suggest Googling for your favorite game and "mame rom"

If you're feeling like an archivist, has a 42 GIGABYTE collection of every MAME ROM they could find!

Downloading the Free ROMs

Before proceeding with your dry run, you'll want to have a game to play! There are a few free non-commercial ROMs available for testing your setup available. Visit the page at and download the Robby Roto (horizontal video) or Super Tank (vertical video) ROMs.

Neither runs quite perfectly on the Cupcade (they use different screen resolutions) but are sufficient for testing the sound, buttons and joystick.

Don't decompress the ZIP file! Keep the ROM files in the ZIP!
Don't decompress the ZIP file! Keep the ROM files in the ZIP!

Installing ROMs

Now you have them, you can install the ROMs. Insert the cupcade SD card into any computer and browse the contents of the BOOT partition
Navigate to the advmame/rom folder, it should be emprty
Drag the zip files of the ROMs into the roms folder as seen here:
Safely eject the SD card! Now you can plug it into the Pi for your dry run.

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