Custom Cabinet Art

Looking to create custom artwork for the sides, marquee and display/control bezels? Here’s an artwork file (PDF format) you can use as a template:

Same, for first- and second-generation Cupcades:

If making vinyl stickers for the sides, you’ll probably want holes for just the screws, not every slot. It’s all there for reference though and you can delete the bits you’re not using. For the marquee and top/front surfaces, stickers might fare better without the assembly tabs.

Blue outlines show the areas obscured by the buttons or screw heads, and also the ~3mm lip along the front edge of the control bezel. (I apologize for the screw heads, but they had to go somewhere, and I took great pains to minimize the number.)

For a smoother appearance, orient and align the screen and joystick bezels to match your setup, then make a single combined sticker with cutouts for the screen and controls. You could even keep going and make this wrap all the way down the front in a single unbroken piece, though it might make assembling the case extra tricky.

Custom Cabinet

Want to laser cut your own custom design? You can start with our Illustrator file to tweak and mod. Cut from 3mm acrylic. Black lines are cuts, red are scored (vector “kiss cut”), blue is for documentation only (do not cut, score or engrave).

Same, for first- and second-generation Cupcades:

Cupcade Enclosure is by Phillip Burgess and is released under Creative Commons license Share Alike-Attribution Required

PCB Files

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