These directions are for the current “Gen 3” Cupcade kit.

To fit the remaining pieces, it’s necessary to ease up on some of the case screws…but only slightly, and one or two at a time.

If unscrewed too far, the nuts can fall off inside the case. Then you’ll have to dismantle the case and go back several steps to rebuild everything. That’s no fun, so proceed carefully!

Idea is to loosen one or two of the screws nearest each piece as it’s installed. Either right or left side of the case, doesn’t matter. Sometimes both, if you need a little extra.

The tip of the screw should be flush with the face of the nut.

Loosen a screw and lift up the case side to install this front piece just below the joystick and buttons. There should be just enough clearance and flex for this to happen. Bend too far and you’ll crack plastic or pop the head off a screw.

This is also a good moment to install the black-buttoned front piece, if you haven’t already. May need to loosen the base screw a bit as well.

Once in place, the screw(s) can be re-tightened. They should be snug, but not overly tight or you’ll pop a head off.

Loosen this screw to insert the cabinet marquee and “roof” piece, then re-tighten.

Get all the wires stuffed inside the case. Check the joystick jumper wires, which may have pulled free.

If everything fits and is still connected, loosen this screw nearest the back (and maybe the base screw a bit as well), lift the side and pop in this back cover.

The roof and back pieces look very similar, but each has notches that will only fit in their specific positions.

Taa-daah! The case should stand on its own now. Go around checking that all the screws are securely in place.

My Cupcade rocks back and forth when stood up.

Loosen all 8 screws on the sides. A mere 1/4 to 1/2 turn or so…we’re not dismantling the case, just realigning things.

Stand the case upright and press down gently on top, so all four corners make contact with the table. With your free hand, tighten each of the side screws back as it was.

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