Position the audio board with the USB port at the edge of the Perma-Proto. Solder the leads in place:

Next add the amp as shown, and solder up the rest of the components according to the circuit diagram. Remember to use quick-connect wires for the LED inside the pushbutton.

Mark and cut a hole for the on/off switch at the base of the cup. Remove the switch's screw-ring and install the switch, reattaching the screw-ring on the inside.

Likewise make a hole for the volume adjustment knob at the side of the cup. The potentiometer attaches from the inside with a washer and nut on the outside, and the knob slips over from the outside.

Use a pair of pliers to bend the flanges on the speaker to achieve a good fit inside the coffee cup.

Attach the quick connect wires to the power switch and click it on! Be sure your circuit is working properly before packing it all up inside the cup:

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