Lay Out Components

Start assembling everything into the ring base by putting a dot of hot glue down where the switch rests. You should be able to push the switch into this recess, feeling just a bit of friction as it goes in.

Insert Trinket

Next, place the Trinket face down so that the small plastic pin protruding up from the center of the ring base fits into the screw hole of the trinket. The wires from the battery should slip into the little notch next to the switch.

To keep everything together, use a tiny dot of hot glue to hold the LiPo to the Trinket.

Place LED Holder

Now, rotate the LED holder into place and make sure you don't have too much wire around keeping the ring from fitting together cleanly. I ended up having to trim down the switch and LiPo wires to save space, but your mileage may vary.

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