Owl Friends

If you've done any cardboard crafts at camp or in school, you may be familiar with this classic owl design! All it takes is a paper towel tube or toilet paper tube, some scissors or a hobby knife, googly eyes, and paint or markers!

Follow the images below and make your own!

Tree Time

You can also build a nice tree set for Minerva and friends! This one is made from some nice, thick 5-ply corrugated cardboard from a large shipping box.

Minerva has an affinity for cogs, so we'll decorate with plastic, gear-like "paddle wheels".

Poseable branches are joined to the trunk with Makedo Scrus.

You can make leaf clusters (also poseable) from paper cups and plastic pop rivets.

Have a look at these photos for inspiration!

Leaf Clusters

Branch Joints

Just Add Cogs!

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